No. 67 - April 1986

 From Chuck Hanson #91 Tinton Falls, NJ

Enclosed are some modifications I have made to "Sejlboard", Tanzer 22 #91.

Three years ago I treated my angle iron boat cradle to a coat of Loctite "Extend".  It still has the black finish and rust is only evident in inaccessible places where I couldn't coat it well.  This fall I am going to coat the keel as well.  I expect good results because I tested "Extend" on a steel plate hung from a rope at my slip two years ago.   The treated part of the plate had no rust at the end of the season.

When the sink drain gate valve internals corroded last year I replaced it with a bronze sea cock. I operate it once a month to keep it free and squirt silicone lube on the ball in the spring and fall.

I installed an extra deck electrical outlet for a quartz-iodide searchlight.  Other 12 volt accessories can be plugged in as well.

The switches on the electrical panel in the Tanzer 22 are prone to being brushed against when someone goes forward below decks. As a result one of the accessories is sometimes left on when a switch is inadvertently turned on. The result is a flat battery next time you need power.  This happened to me three times before I added a switch guard made from the handle off a piece of surplus 19 inch rack mounted electronic gear. The guard can be made of wood or plastic as well. It should be placed right above the toggles of the switches when they are in the off position. The switches can still be easily operated but not by brushing against them.

I use a frame made from 2 1/2 inch PVC pipe to support one end of the mast during winter storage. The other end of the mast sits on the bow pulpit rail. The pulpit is protected by a piece of slit garden hose. The boat tarp then goes over the mast to form a "slant roof".