No. 65 - December 1985

From Wm. P. Gilbert Poquoson, VA [#632]:

I have a really irritating problem with my Tanzer 22 during winter months. When the water temperature drops to near 40F and below, substantial condensation occurs in the aft compartment beneath the cockpit. On several occasions this year and last I have removed up to four or five quarts of water over a period of one week. I have little or no ventilation of the compartment and wonder if this is the problem. Have you heard of other folks with a similar problem?

I'm positive that there are no leaks through the hull, either from rain or the river - so that's not the problem. If others have experienced this problem and found a solution, I surely would like to know about it. Thank you for your assistance. I continue to enjoy my Tanzer 22 with my family and friends.

From John Charters in reply:

Somehow I can't imagine condensation being responsible for the amount of water you seem to be getting. The last few sails last fall, we had to shovel the snow off the deck and out of the cockpit and still no condensation. Perhaps our relative humidity is lower here, that may account for it.

Just a thought, with the cold weather often comes heavy weather. Is there a chance the lower gudgeon screws have slackened off ­allowing water to enter when the boat rocks back and forth?

* * * * *



[to the tune of Jingle Bells) by Lisa Shook

Crashing through the waves

In a Tanzer Twenty Two

O'er the Froth we go

Laughing all the way


Catalinas cry

As we sail on by

Oh what fun it is to sail

A Tanzer Twenty Two


Twenty Two, Twenty Two, Tanzer Twenty Two

Oh what fun it is to sail

A Tanzer Twenty Two

From Carl Shook [#2109]


My daughter, Lisa, [age 17] and I were out on a blustery, though sunny and warm day this summer. The water was rough. Spray was breaking over the bow and windward rail, and froth was flying from some of the white caps. We began to toy with rhymes and finally arrived at the above jingle - mostly Lisa's work.

Thought you might enjoy it.