No. 1 - December, 1971


Several Tanzer 22 owners are finding the most convenient place to hang their 2 3/4 lb dry powder fire extinguisher is under the removable step in the companionway. Here it is easy to get at, doesn't occupy useable space and is out of sight.

Are you tired of trying to fill your water kettle from that small sink especially when there are dishes in the sink? If the answer is yes, go to a hardware store and buy a two foot piece of rubber hose (cost approximately 20cents) with a 5/16" inside diameter. In use, push one end of the hose over the end of the spout, lead the hose over the edge of the sink so the other end is lower than the water tank and place the free end in the kettle. Then just one up and down on your pump will start the water flowing continuously until you want it to stop. To stop the water flow, pinch the free end of the hose, lift it as high as it will go and detach it from the spout. This is also a good method of emptying the water tank at the end of the season with just one pump.