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News Letter Compendium Volume 1 - No 1-20

The purpose of this booklet is to present under one cover the articles, ideas, tips and hints from Newsletters 1-20. They appear in their original form and in chronological order. That is, we have not attempted to edit or update the material, nor have we organized it into categories. To do so would have complicated and further delayed the task of getting this printed, to the extent that we would never have finished the job. In order to help you find the information you need, we have tried to prepare an adequate index.

The photo on the cover is by Dan Geist, no. 118.

Even though this is an unpretentious little book, we cannot resist the temptation of a traditional dedication. Choosing whom we should so greatly honor was difficult, so we divide this token of our affection and esteem between:

Mrs. Johann (Gaby) Tanzer


All the kids who sail on Tanzer 22s.


No. 1 - December, 1971

No. 2 - Spring 1972

No. 3 - Fall 1972

No. 4 - January 1973

No. 5 - April 1973

No. 6 - June, 1972

No. 7 - August, 1973

No. 8 - November, 1973

No. 9 - February, 1974

No. 10 - April, 1974

No. 11 - June, 1974

No. 12

No. 13 - October, 1974

No. 14 - January, 1975

No. 15 - February, 1975

No. 16 - April, 1975

No. 17 - June, 1975

No. 18 - September, 1975

No. 19 - November, 1975

No. 20 - January, 1976


This brings us to the end of our first “Newsletter Compendium”. Reprinted from issues number one, right through to number 20. We’ve made every attempt to choose those subjects and articles that we thought worth re-printing. If we’ve left out something, or included too much, we apologize. We’ve also tried to avoid spelling mistakes, typographical errors, etc., but some must have crept in.

We hope you find some things of interest herein. We welcome your comments if you can add top any of the subjects, please write them down and send them to us.

The re-typing was done by my daughter, Debbie Charters; Laser sailor, Junior Squadron Sailing Instructor, and on rare occasions, crew on her father’s Tanzer.

John Charters June 1976
(Class President)